Cost of Living in Finland

Finland, recognized as the happiest country in the world, is gaining international appraisal for its exceptional education system. Finland is the latest add-on to the popular European study-abroad destinations like Germany, France, Italy, and Poland. Choosing study in Finland is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity to boost your career. But before moving to Finland, it is important to consider the cost of living in Finland. This article will guide you through the cost of living in Finland for international students.

How much does the average rent cost in Finland for international students?

The cost of accommodation for international students in Finland varies depending on the region and the type of location they choose. In general, living in rural regions is cheaper compared to modern cities like Helsinki and Espoo. Additionally, the choice of living on-campus or off-campus can also affect the overall cost of living in Finland for students.

In every city, there are student housing foundations that offer affordable accommodation options for students. It is recommended to rent from these foundations as their costs are comparatively cheaper. Additionally, the rent usually includes water and free internet services.

Choosing a shared apartment over a studio apartment is a more economical option. It is also advisable as it allows you to meet and socialize with other residents and the waiting list is shorter. Furthermore, you can save some money by choosing this option. The average cost of rent in Finland for international students can be around 390-600 euros.

How much does the Tuition fee cost for international students in Finland?

The cost of tuition fees is the most significant expense for students. The amount varies depending on the university, location, and program of study. The Finnish government sets a minimum annual tuition fee of around 1500 € for bachelor’s and master’s programs. However, most study programs charge tuition fees that are higher than this amount.

Have a look at the average tuition fee in some of the top universities in Finland

University of Helsinki (UH)              13000 to €18000 per year

Vaasa University                                10000 to €12000 per year

Tampere University                           8000 to €12000 per year

Arcade University                               4650 to €10060 per year

How much does food and grocery costs for international students in Finland?

The cost of living in Finland is significantly affected by food expenses. Fortunately, Finland boasts numerous large grocery stores to choose from. For budget-conscious students, we highly recommend visiting LIDL. By downloading their app on your phone, you can receive notifications of weekly offers and discount coupons. K-Citymarket is also a chain of grocery stores that includes K-Supermarket and K-Market. Additionally, you may consider other stores such as Prisma, S-market, Sale, or Alepa to find the best deals.

Here are the prices of some grocery items in the country. Note that costs may change depending on their availability.


Bread  $2.08
Local cheese  $3.76
Bottle of water $1.56
Milk $1.00
Eggs $ 2.38
One kg of apples $2.35
One kg of bananas $1.78
One kg of oranges $2.24
One kg of tomatoes $3.29
One kg of potatoes $1.05
One kg of onions $1.56


How much does Transportation cost for international students in Finland?

Finland has a well-organized public transport system, particularly in the Helsinki region, where buses, trams, local trains, metro, and even ferries are operated by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). The transport services are punctual, albeit with slight variations in timetables on public holidays, weekends, and during summer. The HSL area is divided into four travel zones: A, B, C, and D. Always remember to check which zones you’ll be traversing when purchasing a ticket. To help you find the correct routes and best connections, the HSL journey planner displays the route and zone information on a map.

It’s essential to note that you must always carry a valid ticket when traveling, as there are frequent ticket checks. If you’re caught traveling without a valid or wrong ticket, you may face a fine of €80. Nevertheless, reliable commuter trains, buses, and trams are accessible and within reach.

How much does Health Insurance Cost for international students in Finland?

Having valid health insurance is extremely important for international students studying in Finland, as it is a requirement for obtaining a residence permit. Your health insurance must remain valid throughout your stay in the country. The cost of acquiring health insurance typically ranges from 17 to 28 EUR per month if you opt for Swisscare. In addition, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students can benefit from Finnish Student Health Services, which are available twice a year.

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