Study in Hungary

Study in Hungary

Hungary has emerged as a sought-after study-abroad destination, garnering significant credibility over the years, particularly in the field of sciences, notably medicine. In addition to delivering top-notch education, Hungary presents a vibrant and hospitable culture, a captivating history, and enchanting cities. The country’s allure extends beyond academic excellence, encompassing a rich cultural tapestry, a compelling historical narrative, and aesthetically pleasing urban landscapes.

About Hungary

Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary stands as a land characterized by striking uniqueness, consisting of a rich tapestry of culture and history. Set within the expansive, low-lying Carpathian Basin, Hungary’s terrain encompasses hills and plains, offering a landscape that includes one of the largest continuous grasslands in Europe.  

Benefits of Studying in Hungary

High-quality education

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Enrolling in a Hungarian university could be more cost-effective than in certain other nations, without compromising the quality of education. Hungary adheres to European standards, and its medical studies are widely acknowledged for their exceptional quality. Hungary hosts a total of 67 higher education institutions, encompassing a spectrum from smaller colleges to esteemed research universities.

Exciting start-up scene

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Hungary presents an enticing landscape for individuals eager to enter the forefront of the industry, as it hosts a dynamic and thriving start-up environment. This renders the country particularly well-suited for business students and those possessing an entrepreneurial mindset. In recent years, Hungary has witnessed the emergence of numerous prosperous start-ups, some of which have attained remarkable valuations, underscoring the vibrancy and potential within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Low cost of living

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Studying in Hungary offers the advantage of a cost-effective lifestyle, a key consideration for students aiming to adhere to a budget. In Budapest, the capital city, apartments can be secured for around €400, encompassing utilities. The public transportation system is both user-friendly and reasonably priced. Additionally, dining out and entertainment options are economically viable, facilitating the management of monthly expenses with ease.

Top Universities in Hungary

  • Eotvos Lorand University.
  • Semmelweis University.
  • Szeged University.
  • University of Debrecen.
  • University of Pecs.
  • Budapest University of Technology & Economics.
  • Hungarian University of Agriculture & Life Sciences.
  • Obuda University

Top courses in Hungary

  • Civil Engineering

Hungary boasts top-notch infrastructure, particularly in its
capital, Budapest, ranking among the best in Europe. Whether your goal is to
work in the country post-graduation or obtain an outstanding degree from its
exceptional universities, studying Civil Engineering emerges as a prime choice.
Additionally, securing an internship with a prestigious construction company is
a viable option.


While Hungary’s major cities flaunt advanced development and
extensive railway networks, rural areas present opportunities for further
enhancement. Civil engineers can explore promising careers in rural planning
and design, contributing to the growth of the country’s flourishing agriculture
industry. Alternatively, individuals less inclined towards building or road
construction can venture into the energy sector or the water treatment

  • Information Technology / Computer Science

Graduates holding degrees in Information Technology or
Computer Science in Hungary can explore diverse career opportunities, given the
industry’s expansive reach across sectors like health, telecommunications,
finance, banking, security, and more. The demand is particularly high for
specialists such as data scientists and software engineers.


Furthermore, IT professionals can tap into numerous career
prospects within international companies that have established their research
and development sites in Hungary. This is attributed to the country’s globally
acknowledged pool of skilled talent, resulting in a growing influx of
university students showing interest in pursuing relevant degrees.

  • Business Management or Administration

Hungary’s economy is robust, displaying resilience even in
the face of the global pandemic. It successfully rebounded to pre-pandemic
conditions. Additionally, Hungary’s strategic location positions it as an
optimal business destination for diverse industries, facilitated by a
well-developed railway infrastructure and efficient transportation systems
connecting to neighbouring countries.


The spectrum of business opportunities in Hungary spans from
agricultural products and food processing to pharmaceuticals and technology
companies. Pursuing a degree in Business Administration in Hungary can prove to
be an excellent choice, opening doors for graduates to secure stable positions
across various industries. Furthermore, obtaining an MBA from a prestigious
university or specializing in areas like International Trade, Finance, or
Accounting can serve as a ticket for graduates to access high-paying job
opportunities, both locally and internationally.

  • Medicine

Hungarian medical schools offer excellent quality education
with relatively easier admission requirements and processes than their other
European counterparts. A medical degree from Hungary is also recognized and
highly valued internationally. Moreover, some prestigious universities offer
medical programs in English, allowing graduates to pursue a career more easily,
even outside the European Union.


Additionally, programs related to pharmacy and veterinary
medicine are highly sought after in the healthcare domain, alongside
traditional medicine. Hungary boasts a prominent position as one of the leading
manufacturers of medicine, home to numerous globally acclaimed pharmaceutical
companies. The country’s livestock industry also stands to gain from a
substantial pool of qualified veterinarians.

  • Agriculture

The agriculture industry in Hungary contributes roughly 4%
to the national income and offers around the same percentage of employment.
While the country has high living standards, a relatively large portion of its
population is considered poor. That is why Agriculture is one of the best
subjects to study in Hungary. It can help people learn basic to advanced ways
of growing crops or raising livestock to maximize the country’s rich natural
resources fully.


Agricultural products in Hungary range from livestock, such
as cattle and poultry, to crops, such as corn, wheat, and potatoes. The country
is also one of the largest wine manufacturers in the world, making the industry
very important for the economy. However, there is still so much room for
improvement in rural planning and development.

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    Hungary offers a lot of scholarship opportunities for international students. The most popular scholarship in Hungary for international students is the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship which covers among r 1,200 educational programs at all levels offered at 28 higher education institutions in Hungary. Other scholarships include the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship, Bilateral State Scholarships, Erasmus+, CEEPUS, and EEA Grants Scholarships.

    Tuition and living expenses in Hungary are more affordable compared to other study-abroad destinations in Europe. For those residing in major cities like Budapest, a monthly budget of around EUR 500 – 600 is sufficient, while living in other Hungarian cities may require EUR 400 – 450 per month. International students can expect annual tuition fees ranging from EUR 4000 to 10,000, with registration fees typically set at EUR 150.

    The average part-time salary for students in Hungary ranges from approximately around 750 – 800 HUF per hour. International students generally have the opportunity to engage in part-time employment for 20-24 hours per week. Alternatively, there are weekend-only work options available, allowing individuals to work 8-10 hours a day and allocate time for other activities during weekdays.

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