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Over the past years “study abroad” has become a household term in Kerala. Why all our students are moving abroad?

There are plenty of reasons why students prefer abroad education including the pursuit of high-quality education, exposure to diverse cultures, and enhanced career prospects.

Indians studying abroad have a history dating back to the 19th century when a few individuals ventured to foreign nations for education. Among the pioneers was Raja Ram Mohan Roy, widely regarded as the “Father of Indian Renaissance.” Back in those days, it was a rare thing to study abroad.

Times have changed, and so has our young generation’s approach to education. Nowadays, it’s common to seek higher education in international institutions. This shift represents more than just pursuing a degree; it signifies the desire to become global citizens. It’s an opportune moment to shape ourselves as global citizens, embracing diverse cultures and perspectives.

Matrixx Overseas, the best abroad study abroad consultancy in Kochi is committed to providing the best service to manifest your study abroad dream.

As the best study abroad consultancy in Kochi, we take pride in assisting students by guiding them to choose the most suitable courses and universities. Our expertise enables us to help students identify the best course and university tailored to their needs and aspirations.

Best UK study abroad consultancy in kochi

Study in UK

The UK education system offers a unique advantage to international students: the flexibility to blend courses and specializations from various fields. The growing trend of international students choosing the UK for their education is evident in the statistics. According to HESA data from 2021/22, there was a significant 12% overall increase in the international student population, totaling 679,970. Notably, Indian students constitute the largest international student community in the UK, with their numbers surpassing 120,000. Matrixx Overseas one of the best UK education Consultants in Kochi, Kerala

Study Master’s in UK

Studying a master’s program in the UK provides access to high-quality education, specialized expertise, and improved career opportunities. The UK is celebrated for its outstanding academics and a wide variety of specialized master’s programs, catering to the requirements of both future professionals and scholars. contact Matrixx overseas for study MS degree in UK

UK Study Scholarships

Scholarships for international students in the UK are awarded based on merit, financial need, and specific criteria related to the student or course. Some universities also provide tuition fee discounts for early payments. Merit-based scholarships, ranging from £1,000 to £6,000, require a strong application and a persuasive statement of purpose. Fully funded scholarships, primarily for doctoral degrees, are granted through competitive assessments by educational institutions. Some prominent scholarships in UK are the Rhodes Scholarships, Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships, Inlaks Scholarship, and Chevening Scholarship.

Matrixx Overseas guides you through the top UK universities and a wide variety of courses offered in the UK. Kickstart your Study abroad journey in the UK, with the best UK study abroad consultants in Kochi.

Study in Canada

Best Canada Education Consultants in Kochi

Pursuing education in Canada has long been a dream for international students seeking a vibrant academic experience abroad. Canada’s commitment to providing exceptional international education has been a driving force for students envisioning a successful career and life in the country.

Throughout the years, a significant influx of international students has chosen Canada as their destination for higher education, enrolling in prestigious Canadian institutions. With each passing year, the student population continues to grow, highlighting Canada’s reputation as a prime choice for high-quality education.

As the best Canada study abroad consultants in Kochi, we are committed to assisting you in pursuing your Canada study dreams.

Study in Europe

Europe, renowned as a multicultural hub and a blend of diverse cultures and nationalities, has consistently ranked among the top study destinations worldwide. Most countries in Europe are known for providing quality education with affordable tuition fees. Connect with the best Europe Study abroad consultants in Kochi to know more about the study programs in Europe.

There are a lot of Low tuition fee Universities in Europe, where you can expect yearly fees of just 3.5 lakhs. As the best Europe Student Visa Consultancy, we can guide you in choosing the most apt course and affordable university for you.

Study in Spain

Spain provides the opportunity to study at renowned universities, experience a vibrant sports culture, and embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle. There are two intakes in Spain: Fall and Spring intake. Fall intake begins in October with two application deadlines: one in early June and the late application deadline in early September. Spring intake starts in February with a single application deadline in early December. To check your eligibility and know about the best universities in Spain feel free to connect with the top Spain study abroad consultants in Kochi.

Matrixx Overseas Kochi one of the best Spain education consultants in Kochi, Kerala. Contact Matrixx Overseas for Best Spain Student Visa Process in Kochi

Study in Germany

Germany provides top-notch education, with lively cities, and a wonderfully diverse environment, welcoming individuals globally. Many German universities offer tuition-free education. There are two intakes: winter intake (September/October) primarily for English-speaking courses and summer intake (April) with numerous universities offering programs in English. As the best Germany study abroad consultancy in Kochi, we can assist you in securing your future through German education.

Study in Finland

Finland is known for a world-class higher education system with over 550 English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences (UAS). Additionally, doctoral degree options are available in English. With more than 20,000 international students studying across various locations in Finland, the country provides ample scholarship opportunities at both universities and UAS. As the best study abroad consultancy in Kochi, we are committed to providing you the complete assistance for your study abroad journey to Finland.
Matrixx Overseas Kochi one of the best Finland education consultants in Kochi, Kerala. Contact Matrixx Overseas for Best Finland Student Visa Process in Kochi

Study in France

France is home to some of the world’s most esteemed universities. With a historical tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, France has been a destination for students from across Europe. Today, the country offers high-quality education to students from around the world. As the best study abroad consultancy in Kochi, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive support for your educational journey to France.

Study in Poland

Poland, the 9th largest country in Europe, is becoming a favored choice among international students. The universities in Poland provide excellent value for money, offering affordable study programs and accommodation. Kickstart your Study abroad journey in Poland, with the best Poland study abroad consultancy in Kochi.

Best Study Abroad consultancy in Kochi