Study in Latvia

Study in Latvia

Latvia stands out as an undiscovered treasure for higher education in Europe. Embodied with safe and inviting cities along with a breathtaking coastline, it proves to be an ideal destination for both students and visitors. Nestled on the Baltic Sea, Latvia serves as a meeting point between East and West. In this cosmopolitan country, a diverse array of languages is spoken, including Latvian, Russian, German, and, naturally, English.

About Latvia

Latvia’s history has been marked by turbulence, having been annexed by Russia for the majority of the past seven centuries. Though it experienced a fleeting period of independence following World War I, it was the Singing Revolution that paved the way for significant transformations, leading to its establishment as an autonomous state in 1991. With a relatively modest population of approximately two million, Latvia is a relatively small country. The capital, Riga, boasts a wealth of cultural heritage, encompassing opera, ballet, art galleries, and museums.

Benefits of studying in Latvia

Top-ranking international universities

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Latvia is home to prestigious universities with global rankings, providing degrees that are recognized internationally. The country ranks 49 in the worldwide Education Rankings by the US News Report.

A wide array of study programs

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International students have access to more than 100 English-taught programs in Latvia. A wide range of courses are available from engineering to medicine to social sciences.


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Latvia provides cost-effective tuition fees, ranging from €1,600 to €15,000 annually, coupled with a reasonably low cost of living varying between €5,400 and €8,400 per year.

Scholarship opportunities


A huge number of state and university-specific scholarships are available for international students.

Popular Courses in Latvia


  • Business administration and management

  • Computer science


  • Engineering


  • Medicine and Healthcare


  • Social sciences and humanities


  • Natural sciences


  • Veterinary


  • Aviation

Bachelor courses in Latvia

Students aiming for a Bachelor’s degree in Latvia often gravitate towards popular fields such as business, marketing, design, architecture, political science, and area studies. An additional advantage of pursuing a Bachelor’s in Latvia is the relatively lower cost of living compared to other European countries.

Have a look at some of the popular bachelor courses in Latvia:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor in Transport and Business Logistics
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Marketing and Advertising
  • Bachelor in Applied Communication and Translation
  • Bachelor of Chemical Technology
  • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
  • BSc Economics

Master’s courses in Latvia

Pursuing a Master’s in Latvia offers students a promising outlook, particularly as Latvia is a member of the European Union. Those undertaking a Master’s in Latvia have the flexibility to choose from various courses and career trajectories. Despite being a small country with a limited community, Latvia’s size can be advantageous, guaranteeing closer and more robust attention to each student pursuing a Master’s in the country.

Have a look at some of the popular master’s courses in Latvia:

  • Business Administration
  • Tourism Strategic Management
  • Business Psychology and Human Resource Management
  • Agri-Food Business Management
  • Cybersecurity Engineering

Popular Universities in Latvia

  • University of Latvia
  • Turiba University
  • Riga Stradins University
  • Liepaja University
  • Riga Technical University
  • Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  • Ventspils University College

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    Popular Courses in Canada


    It is not necessary for a student to have IELTS scores to pursue studies in Latvia; they can also study based on the Medium of Instruction (MOI).

    international students have the option to apply to universities in Latvia during two intakes: one in winter/January and the other in autumn/October. You can choose your desired course, verify its availability in either of these intakes and then initiate the application process for studying in Latvia. You can connect with Matrixx Overseas to get complete assistance in your Latvia study-abroad journey.

    For a bachelor’s program in Latvia, a study gap of 5 years is acceptable and for a master’s program in Latvia, 10 years study gap is acceptable. However, you need to strongly justify the cause of the study gap.

    Residing in Latvia is considerably more affordable in comparison to other European countries, with living costs ranging from approximately 300 to 600 Euros per month.

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