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Matrixx Overseas Services Private Limited is a registered Indian company that provides overseas immigration and education services. Backed by Matrix Incorporated Contracting Company W.L.L., a diversified group that was established in the State of Qatar in 2008 by a team of engineering entrepreneurs with extensive project experience, Matrixx Overseas Services is committed to providing clients with personalized and compassionate service that meets their unique needs and goals.

With the incorporation of Matrixx Overseas Services Private Limited in India, the company is now well-positioned to provide comprehensive services that cater to the needs of individuals and families looking to relocate to another country. The company is backed by Matrix Incorporated, which has demonstrated its ability to execute critical projects and provide skilled human resource support to esteemed companies and engineering consultancy firms across Qatar.

At Matrixx Overseas Services, we understand the challenges of relocating to a new country and are committed to helping clients navigate the complex process of immigration. Whether you are interested in studying abroad or seeking employment opportunities in another country, our experienced professionals are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.

Matrixx is the pitstop of your dream journey, we fuel your dream with right guidance and immense support. Our experience in this field, enables us to give you the right guidelines.

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    Carved out of passion and experience,
    we excel in what we do!

    Canada PR
    Experience a high standard of living, quality education, and excellent healthcare in one of the world's most welcoming nations. Take the first step towards a brighter future by discovering your pathway to Canada PR today!
    Student Visa
    Learn more about what a student visa can do for you. Discover new horizons, gain knowledge and create global connections. Manifest your dream with a student visa.
    Australia PR
    Experience a diverse, inclusive society with a laid-back lifestyle and breathtaking landscapes. Australian PR opens door to a bright future, successful career, safety and most importantly a place to call home.
    Portugal Visa
    Live in one of the oldest states of Europe. Explore the immense history, culture, and rich architectural heritage. The Portugal D7 visa is the perfect option for non-EU citizens to relocate to Portugal.
    Business Visa
    Expand your business horizons with a flexible business visa. Seize global opportunities, network with industry leaders, and establish lucrative partnerships in foreign markets.
    Visitor Visa
    While traveling around and exploring the cultures, visitor visa provides opportunity to seek jobs. Build connections around the world, perform business activities and firm-up your career.

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    We are registered CICC consultants!

    The college of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants is the national regulatory body authorized by the Canadian government to govern the immigration and citizenship process in the country. Matrixx Overseas is a CICC- registered Canada immigration consultancy and our license number is #R531489. It is always recommended to process your visa with a CICC- registered immigration consultancy. Matrixx provides you hassle-free and legitimate immigration services.

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    Carved out of passion and experience,
    we excel in what we do!

    Canada Express entry

    Score the maximum points with the Canada Express Entry assistance services from one of the best-rated immigration consultancies! It is a sure-shot invitation for a permanent residency application!

    Canada PNP

    Contribute to the economy of the Canadian territory! Our expert consultants can help you choose the province that matches the eligibility and criteria requirements.

    Australia PR visa

    Our top-notch services can enable you to meet Australian PR visa eligibility requirements like age, proficiency in the English language, and skills assessment. We make it easy!

    Poland Visa

    We help you navigate the complex requirements to meet the eligibility criteria to obtain a short-stay visa/business visa/work visa/long-stay visa. We promise a step by step assistance.

    Student Visa

    Professional guidance and support to obtain student visas along with all the necessary documentation. Access quality education, explore career opportunities, and foster personal growth.

    Business Visa

    Expand your business to a global scale with a business visa. The best immigration consultants are bound to offer valuable guidance, assistance, and support in business visa processes.

    Are You Looking For Visa Applications Just Call Us!

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