Canada PR for Indian students

Canada is the most preferred option for youngsters to study and settle abroad. The country’s welcoming environment and opportunities for a bright future are attracting immigrants day by day. According to the data collected by IRCC in 2022, there were over 2,26,450 Indian students who went to study in Canada, making them the biggest cohort of international students.

Canadian education provides students with high standards of education, global connection, and international exposure. But the main factor that attracts students to Canada is Permanent Residency in Canada. Since Canada has a welcoming attitude toward immigrants, international students are getting numerous opportunities to obtain Canada PR.

Have a look at the programs to obtain Canada PR for Indian students.

Canada has many immigration programs for international students to obtain Canada PR after studying.

  1. Post Graduate Work Permit for International Students

The Post Graduation Work Permit or PGWP is a program by the Canada government, which allows international students who have graduated from eligible Canadian learning institutions to obtain valuable Canadian work experience. The training and experience gained through this program enable international students to qualify for permanent residence in Canada through the Canadian experience class within Express Entry.

After completion of the study, you can apply for a PGWP.  The duration of PGWP is usually the same duration as your study permit and can vary from 1 to 3 years.

  1. Canadian Experience Class

This is a program under the Canada Express entry system, which enables candidates to obtain Canada PR quickly. 1 year of full-time experience is required to be eligible for the program.

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Program

This program also comes under the express entry system, targeting skilled workers. Canadian work experience is not necessary for this program, but it will increase your CRS score. Hence, enhances the chance of receiving an invitation to apply for Canada PR.

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program

This program enables a candidate who is qualified in a skilled trade to obtain Canada PR. Two years of work experience or an equal amount of part-time work experience is required to be eligible for this program.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

Each province in Canada has its own provincial nominee program to welcome international talents to their province and contribute to their economy. The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are tailored based on the specific requirements of each province. Many PNPs prioritize candidates who have completed their studies, worked, or established other meaningful connections within the province.

Have a look at the list of provincial nominee programs in Canada.

  • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nunavut Provincial Nominee Program
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Provincial Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program
  • Yukon Provincial Nominee Program
  1. Quebec Immigration Options

The province of Quebec has its own immigration system to meet its economic requirements. Quebec’s two main PR programs are designed for international students, which is an easy way to get Canada PR for Indian students.

  • Quebec Experience Program (PEQ): This program requires students to have completed their program of study or to be within 6 months of completing their studies at an institution in Quebec. To be eligible for this program, international students are required to have a minimum proficiency in French.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW)This program may be an option for international students in Quebec who have completed or are in the process of completing an educational credential in Quebec. Unlike the PEQ program, QSW does not have a mandatory French proficiency requirement.

Documents required to apply for Canada PR for Indian students

Have a look at the documents that are required to apply for Canada PR

  • Valid Passport
  • IELTS Test Score
  • Proof of Canadian education/ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Provincial nomination (if applicable)
  • Job offer from a Canadian employer (if applicable)
  • Proof of funds
  • Medical examination reports
  • Police verification certificates
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate/Divorce certificate/Death certificate/Adoption certificate (if applicable)
  • Digital photographs
  • Any other relevant document

Eligibility requirements of Canada PR for Indian students 

The eligibility requirement for Canada PR for Indian students depends on the type of program you choose to apply for Canada PR. There are different immigration programs like the express entry program, provincial nominee program, etc.

The basic eligibility requirements for Canada PR include:

  • English language proficiency level
  • work experience
  • job offer
  • Canadian education
  • Age

Canada is well known for retaining most of its international student graduates by offering them permanent residence visas. For any inquiries or concerns about Canada PR for Indian students, feel free to reach out to Matrixx Overseas. Stay updated with the latest Canada news by visiting our website and exploring the latest articles.


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