Intakes in Canada 2024

Canada stands out as the top choice for young individuals aspiring to study and establish themselves abroad. The nation’s hospitable atmosphere and prospects for a promising future continually draw immigrants. In 2022, the data compiled by IRCC revealed that more than 226,450 Indian students opted to pursue their education in Canada, solidifying their position as the largest group of international students. A degree from a Canadian university not only garners international recognition but also positions you as a highly compensated professional. The welcoming environment in Canada proves to be an ideal setting for international students. This article will guide you through the upcoming intakes in Canada 2024.

Major intakes in Canada 2024

In Canada, there are primarily three intakes.

  • September or fall intake – Primary
  • January or winter intake – Secondary
  • May or spring intake – Tertiary

January or Winter Intake in Canada 2024

The January or winter intakes in Canada 2024 is a secondary intake and there are fewer courses and universities available when compared to the other two intakes. However, this is a good backup plan for Canada study abroad aspirants who missed the primary intake. The winter intake starts in January and goes on till April. The Application deadlines may vary, typically falling between August and mid-January, depending on the university. To stay well-informed, it is advisable to visit the university website and review any updates or announcements.

Have a look at some of the universities that are accepting applications for the January intake:

  • University of Toronto, January Intake 2024

The University of Toronto holds the 34th position in the 2023 QS World University Rankings. Undoubtedly, it is one of the top-tier universities in Canada, attracting international students from more than 160 countries. With a diverse academic offering of over 700 courses, the university has gained a high reputation for excellence in leadership and research.

University of Toronto Application Deadline for Jan intake 2024: December 15th

  • The University of British Columbia, January Intake 2024

The University of British Columbia is ranked 47 in the QS World University Ranking 2023. There are over 200 programs offered by the University of British Columbia that allow students to customize their courses leading them to a highly rewarding career. UBC is known for welcoming international students and providing scholarships and financial aid to the international student community.

University of British Columbia Application Deadline for Jan intake 2024 : January 15th

  • University of Waterloo, January Intake 2024

Ranked 154 in the world according to QS World University Rankings, the University of Waterloo is one of the top choices for international students. The university provides a world-class education and outstanding facilities to a diverse community of international students hailing from over 120 countries. The university is closely connected to the industry and amazing placement opportunities are provided for the students.

University of Waterloo Application Deadline for Jan intake 2024: January 15th

May or Spring Intake in Canada 2024

The spring intakes in Canada 2024 extending from May to August is considered a tertiary intake. The admission procedures begin between October and December. Since the May intake is small, the deadline ends fast. Start short-listing the universities, details about admission procedures and deadlines are available on the university websites.

Have a look at some of the universities that are accepting applications for the May intake:

  • University of Fraser Valley, May Intake 2024

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), situated in British Columbia, Canada is a public institution that provides a diverse range of academic offerings. With 15 bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, and a selection of over 100 certificates, diplomas, and postgraduate programs, UFV covers programs such as agriculture, arts, social sciences, business, computer information systems, fine arts, health sciences, sciences and technology, and more.

The application for University of Fraser Valley May Intake 2024 will be open in October.

  • Centennial College, May Intake 2024

As Ontario’s first public college, Centennial College has five campuses across Toronto, Canada. Renowned for delivering high-quality Canadian education, Centennial emphasizes hands-on, employment-focused learning. The college’s programs prioritize experiential education through laboratory instruction, co-op opportunities, and industry placements.

The application for Centennial College May Intake 2024 will be open in October.

  • Lakehead University, May Intake 2024

Founded in 1965, Lakehead University is a well-known public research institution situated in Ontario, Canada. Ranking among the top 10 universities in Canada, it consists of 1,540 international students from over 80 nations. In the 2024 edition of the US News and World Report Ranking, Lakehead University secured the position of #1291 in Best Global Universities. The university holds a strong dedication to community-engaged research, addressing significant issues that impact individuals, communities, and the planet.

Lakehead University application deadline for May Intake 2024 is April 1st.

September or fall intake in Canada 2024

The Fall intake, commonly known as the September intake, holds significant popularity in Canada as the majority of universities reserve slots for their flagship programs during this period. Serving as the primary intake for admissions, the acceptance rate is notably higher compared to other intakes, providing students with a better chance of securing admission to their preferred institute.

Spanning from September to August of the following year, this timeline offers ample opportunity for students to choose and apply for a diverse array of bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, and other courses. With a window of 3-4 months, students can diligently apply to their desired Canadian university.

Have a look at some of the universities that are accepting applications for the September intake:

  • McGill University, September Intake 2024

McGill University, situated in Montreal stands as one of Canada’s premier institutions, drawing in a substantial number of international students from more than 150 countries annually. It holds the distinction of having the highest percentage of PhD students among all Canadian research universities. McGill University’s esteemed reputation is attributed to its 50 research centers and institutes, a diverse offering of over 400 programs, a storied history, and a robust alumni network comprising 250,000 individuals worldwide.

Mcgill University Application Deadline for fall intake: January 2024

  • Western University, September Intake 2024

Founded in 1878, Western University, also recognized as the University of Western Ontario, stands as one of Canada’s prominent higher education institutions. With a current student enrolment of 43,352, including 4,759 international students from 129 countries, the Western University campus thrives as a diverse academic community. This esteemed institution, ranked among the top 1% of universities globally, provides students with a rich academic experience, offering over 400 undergraduate combinations and 160 graduate degree programs.

Western University Application Deadline for fall intake: March 2024

  • University of Calgary, September Intake 2024

Situated in Canada’s most dynamic city, the University of Calgary stands as a prominent institution dedicated to academic excellence. Evolving into a global intellectual hub, the university fosters an environment where over 33,000 students excel in programs enriched by both research and hands-on experiences. With a diverse range, the university currently presents over 200 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs, extending lifelong learning opportunities to the broader community. A proud member of the U15 group of Canadian public research universities, the University of Calgary actively contributes over C$36 billion annually to the national economy.

University of Calgary Application Deadline for fall intake: May 2024

Start shortlisting the universities and apply for the intakes in Canada 2024. To know more details about study programs and intakes in Canada 2024, feel free to connect with our expert Canada study abroad consultants.

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