Australia Permanent Migration Program 2023-24

Australia Permanent Migration Program 2023-24 aims to address the emerging skills shortages and to attract people with specialist skill sets that are difficult to find or develop in Australia. The program allocates places for people aiming to migrate to Australia.

The Australian government announced that the planning level for the 2023-24 permanent Migration Program will be set at 190,000 places.

The permanent migration program will help to build resilience, boost productivity and support the economy. The program values the effort of migrants and it will demonstrate the Government’s commitment to family reunification. It will also address the challenges of an aging population by offering pathways for young migrants.

The permanent migration program 2023-24 has three categories:

Skill Stream

The skill stream will be set at 137,100 places, constituting approximately 72% of the program. The stream is programmed to improve the productive capacity of the economy and fill skill shortages in the labor market.

Family Stream

The family stream will be set at 52,500 places, constituting approximately 28% of the program. This stream exclusively consists of partner visas allowing permanent residents and citizens of Australia to reunite with their family members overseas and providing a pathway to Australia PR.

In this category:

40,500 Partner visas are estimated for 2023-24 for planning purposes.

3,000 Child visas are estimated for 2023-24 for planning purposes.

Special Eligibility Stream

The special eligibility stream will be set at 400 places. This stream will cover visas for those in special circumstances, like permanent residents returning to Australia after a period overseas.

Streamwise allocation of Australia Permanent Migration Program 2023-24


Visa stream Visa Category 2023-24 Planning levels
      Skill Employer-Sponsored                          36,825
Skilled Independent                          30,375
Regional                          32,300
State/Territory Nominated                          30,400
Business Innovation & Investment                          1,900
Global Talent (Independent)                          5,000
Distinguished Talent                          300
  Skill Total                         137,100
   Family Partner                           40,500
Parent                           8500
Child                           3000
Other Family                           500
Family Total                          52,500
Special Eligibility                              400
Total Migration Program                          190,000


With the permanent migration program, Australia is inviting 1,90,000 new immigrants to the country. This is the perfect opportunity for Australia immigration aspirants.

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