IRCC’s new update on Temporary Resident Visa for Spouse applicants:  Only 30-day processing time with a 90% approval rate.

The IRCC has made a recent update on the processing time of temporary resident visas for spouse applicants. The processing time is now reduced to 30 days with a 90% approval rate. The measure applies to spousal visa applicants who have already applied for Canada PR.

Earlier, the applicants needed to wait in their home countries while waiting for approval from the IRCC. With this update, applicants can come to Canada while they wait for their application process. The fast processing of TRV for spousal applicants will make the family reunification of Canada PR holders an easy process.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced the updates on May 26 in Vancouver. The new measures include:
• Faster processing time for Temporary resident visa of spousal applicants.
• Increasing the use of technology and advanced analytics to improve the speed of the Temporary resident visa application process.
• Issuance of a new open work permit for spousal and family class applicants.
• Open work permit extensions for open work permit holders which expire between August 1st and the end of 2023.

Processing Time for Family Class Sponsorship

The processing time of PR through Family class sponsorship is 12 months. Since the processing time of temporary resident visa for spousal applicants has been reduced to 30 days and the 60-day service standard for work permits, it would take a total of 90 days for a spouse, partner, or sponsored dependent child to arrive in Canada and start working while they await their approval of Canada PR.

Other family reunification measures

Applicant spouses and dependent children who have temporary resident status and reside with their sponsor in Canada are now eligible for an open work permit in Canada. They can apply for an open work permit right after they finish the application process of Canada PR. Immigration Minister Fraser also announced that open work permit holders whose current permit expires between August 1 and the end of 2023 will be eligible to extend their permit for 18 months through a free facilitated process.
Through these measures, Canada aims to tackle the labour shortage and show the country’s commitment to the family reunification program.

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