Latest PNP draw of September

In the latest PNP draw of September, five provinces of Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and PEI, invite candidates. A total of 2115 candidates were invited through different streams.

Latest PNP draw of September: results from September 12 – 21


The Alberta PNP (AAIP) held two draws this week.

The first draw was held under the Family Connection and Priority Occupation In-demand streams. A total of 142 invitations were issued to candidates with a minimum score of 301.

The second draw was held under the Priority Sector stream. The AAIP issued 300 ITAs to candidates with a minimum score of 383. This was a targeted draw for candidates with experience in tourism and hospitality occupations.

British Columbia

British Columbia held general and targeted draws under five different streams including:

  • Skilled Worker stream;
  • Skilled Worker-Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) option stream
  • International Graduate stream
  • International Graduate EEBC option stream
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled immigration streams

BCPNP issued a total of 147 invitations under the above-mentioned streams. The minimum score to be invited under the Skilled Worker and Skilled Worker EEBC option streams was 108. The minimum score for International and International Graduate EEBC options streams was 111. Lastly, candidates in the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled stream needed a minimum score of 89 to be eligible for the draw.

In the targeted draw, BC invited 78 candidates under the Skilled worker stream and the International Graduate stream. Candidates with professional experience as early childhood educators/educator assistants, or in healthcare professions were considered in this draw. The minimum required score for eligibility was 60.


Manitoba held four different draws this week across a variety of streams.

The first draw was an Occupation-specific selection draw and delivered 298 ITAs to candidates with experience working as sales and service representatives, or in supporting occupations. The minimum score required for eligibility was 612.

The MPNP also held a second, general draw, for all other targeted occupations. This draw issued 239 ITAs to individuals with a minimum score requirement of 631.

The third draw was held under the International Education Stream and targeted candidates with skills that meet labour market needs, and who graduated from an educational institution in Manitoba. The draw issued 56 ITAs, with no minimum score requirement.

The last draw occurred under the Skilled Worker Overseas stream and invited candidates based on their prior invitation by the MPNP under a strategic recruitment initiative. The draw invited 27 candidates with a minimum score of 723.


The OINP held two draws this week under the Master’s Graduate stream and Ph.D. Graduate Stream. Under the Master’s Graduate stream, 537 candidates were invited with a minimum score requirement of 41. The second draw from the Ph.D. Graduate Stream issued 71 invitations to individuals who had a minimum score of 40 and above.

Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island PNP (PEI PNP) held two draws this week.

The first draw invited four candidates under the Business Impact Category. The minimum score required for eligibility was 80.

The second draw was held under the Critical Worker Stream and invited 153 candidates who were already working for an employer in the province. The minimum score required for eligibility was 55.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program or PNP is a great way to receive a Canadian permanent residency. Each PNP has one stream that is aligned with the Express Entry System, known as ‘Enhanced Nominations’. The advantage of enhanced PNP is that they award an extra CRS score of 600 points, which will guarantee PR to the applicant through express entry. Also, there is another stream under the PNP, known as ‘the base stream’. Here, you can apply to a PNP stream directly and once you obtain a provincial nomination, the federal government will process your permanent residence application.

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