Latest PNP Draw July 2023: British Columbia, Manitoba, and New Brunswick invite candidates.

Latest PNP Draw

Three of Canada’s provinces, British Columbia, Manitoba, and New Brunswick invited candidates through the Provincial Nominee Program.

PNP is a great way to receive a Canadian permanent residency. Each PNP has one stream that is aligned with the Express Entry System, known as ‘Enhanced Nominations’. The advantage of enhanced PNP is that they award an extra CRS score of 600 points, which will guarantee PR to the applicant through express entry. Also, there is another stream under the PNP, known as ‘the base stream’. Here, you can apply to a PNP stream directly and once you obtain a provincial nomination, the federal government will process your permanent residence application.

Latest PNP Draw results: July 8-14

British Columbia

On July 11, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program invited more than 202 candidates in four draws targeting candidates in three streams.

The largest draw was from the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, and Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled streams, which invited 152 candidates. Skilled workers required a SIRS score of 106, International graduates required a score of 109, and Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled candidates required a score of 87.

The last three draws were focused on specific occupations, targeting Skilled Workers and International Graduates. The first draw was for early childhood educators and assistants, with a total of 35 invitations. The second draw invited 15 healthcare professionals, and the third draw selected fewer than five individuals from other priority occupations. In all three draws, the minimum score required was 60.


On July 13’s latest PNP draw, Manitoba issued 4 draws over 3 streams inviting a total of 540 candidates.

Skilled workers were invited in two of these draws. The first draw was occupation-specific, which invited 205 candidates with a minimum score of 604. The occupations that come under this draw include:

  • Health occupations
  • Specialized middle management occupations in administrative services, financial and business services, and communication (except broadcasting)
  • Administrative and financial support and supply chain logistics occupations
  • Helpers and laborers and other transport drivers, operators, and laborers

There was a non-occupation-specific draw inviting 237 skilled workers with a minimum CRS score of 661. In the remaining draws, a total of 57 candidates from the international education stream and 41 skilled workers overseas were invited. Skilled Workers Overseas were required a minimum score of 774.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick has invited a total of 121 candidates over three streams in the latest PNP draw. In the NB employment Connection stream, 28 invitations were issued. The NB student Connection stream invited 64 candidates and the NB Occupations-In-demand connection stream invited 29 candidates.

New Brunswick has invited a total of 630 candidates this year through the NB Express entry program.

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