Latest Express Entry Draw of August 2023

On August 2, IRCC held its latest express entry draw of August 2023, inviting a total of 800 candidates. The category-based draw was for people with French language proficiency and the minimum CRS score required for eligibility was 435.

This is the second express entry draw of this month. On August 1, IRCC held the first express entry draw of this month, inviting a total of 2000 candidates in an all-program draw. The minimum CRS score required for eligibility was 517.

Express Entry Draw in July 2023

July 4-12

In July, a total of 9600 candidates were invited in six draws in categories including healthcare, stem, and French language speakers.

Category-Based Express Entry Draws

On May 31, the then Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced the implementation of category-based selection draws targeting Express Entry candidates. These draws aim to attract a greater number of highly skilled professionals specializing in specific occupations that are in high demand within Canada.

The new categories under the Express Entry Programs are:

  • Healthcare occupations
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) occupations
  • Trade occupations
  • Transport occupations
  • Agriculture and Agri-food occupations
  • French-language proficiency

IRCC reviews these categories each year and may change them in the next year.

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