Latest Canada PNP Draw Details- IRCC issued Provincial immigration invitations for April 2024

IRCC issued Provincial immigration invitations for April 2024

Latest Canada PNP Draw Details April 2024



  • 83 candidates have been invited by British Columbia.
  • The Alberta has sent out 48 invitations.
  • Prince Edward Island has just extended 66 invitations


Latest Canada PNP Draw Details:


British Columbia:

As part of the BC PNP, British Columbia recently invited 83 applicants through four separate draws held on April first week.


The largest draw, which was a general draw, included 30 candidates from various categories. Professionals, Express Entry BC (EEBC) applicants, and international graduates needed to achieve a minimum score of 130. Entry-level and semi-skilled candidates required a minimum score of 107, while international graduates under the EEBC option needed a minimum score of 107 and a minimum score of 125.


Apart from the general draw, there were also three targeted draws for specific professions. These draws focused on international graduates and skilled workers, including those utilizing the EEBC option. In the childcare sector, 18 candidates with a minimum score of 90 were selected, while 25 candidates from the healthcare sector also participated with the same minimum score. Additionally, 10 candidates applying for construction jobs needed a minimum score of 95 to be considered.



The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) granted 48 invitations to Dedicated Healthcare Pathway candidates. These candidates had secured employment offers in Alberta.

Since this route is consistent with Express Entry, all applicants had a CR score. To qualify for this draw, candidates had to achieve a CRS score of 300 or higher. This draw was the eighth draw in this category this year.


Prince Edward Island:

Prince Edward Island has issued 66 invitations to Labor and Express Entry applicants, with a focus on those in healthcare, manufacturing, and early childhood education. This draw signifies the beginning of the selection process for the PEI Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) this month.

These are the latest Canada PNP draws


What is the PNP or Provincial Nominee Program?


All Canadian Provinces offer unique immigration programs that can support a Federal Immigration application through ‘Express Entry’ or a stand-alone PNP application. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows provinces and territories to play an active role in selecting immigrants by nominating individuals for permanent residence who meet specific local labor market needs. Most PNPs have employer-driven streams that nominate workers based on a permanent, full-time job offer, as long as they meet the provincial or territorial nomination requirements, which may include specific occupations, education, work experience, official language proficiency, and age.

Each province has different streams in their PNPs, but they generally fall into the following categories the Skilled workers, Semi-skilled workers, Business/Investors, International Graduates, or Family community connections

PNPs play a crucial role in Canada’s immigration strategy and are the rapidly expanding economic pathway for immigrants. In recent times, the federal government has been steadily boosting the annual allocations for each province’s PNP, highlighting the growing significance of these programs in the broader Canadian immigration scenario.


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