Marc Miller declared as Canada’s New Immigration Minister

On July 26, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared some major changes in the cabinet. One of the major changes included the replacement of the immigration minister. Marc Miller has been declared as Canada’s new immigration minister, replacing Sean Fraser.

Sean Fraser, the former Immigration Minister, is now appointed as the Minister of Housing, Infrastructure, and Communities. Sean Fraser has been the immigration minister of Canada since 2021.

The Canadian Prime minister appoints the cabinet body of ministers. The cabinet body’s responsibilities include setting the federal government’s policies and priorities for the countries in their respective departments. The cabinet is often shuffled every two years, to replace the poor-performing ministers or to promote the good-performing ministers. This provides the government with the opportunity to analyze, improve and restructure its policies.

From 2021 to this year, Sean Fraser was working on increasing hiking immigration levels, improving application processing, increasing francophone immigration to Canada, and more. He faced the challenge of maintaining immigration during the Covid 19 outbreak. Fraser managed to provide a great opportunity for the immigrants by introducing category-based draws through Express Entry. The immigration level plan for 2023-2025 aims to welcome a total of 1.4 million immigrants between 2023-2025.

Why is Canada changing the immigration minister?

The announcement of Canada’s new immigration minister is an effort to emphasize the government’s economic priorities including the housing crisis. A cabinet shuffle facilitates the appointment of fresh leadership to head various government departments. Cabinet ministers are tasked with overseeing specific segments of the executive branch and providing counsel to the head of government within their respective areas of responsibility. In Canada, the immigration minister is accountable for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), encompassing passport services, immigration, and temporary residence matters.

Marc Miller, the new Canada Immigration Minister

Before his entrance into politics, Canada’s new immigration minister practiced law specializing in mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on international and commercial law. He was also an infantry soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces.

In 2017, Minister Miller made recognition by delivering a speech in the House of Commons entirely in Mohawk, becoming the first time an Indigenous language had been spoken in Canadian Parliament since Confederation. Miller has been a strong supporter of enhanced federal funding for affordable housing, public transit, and the Canada Child Benefit. Minister Marc Miller has a degree in political science from Université de Montréal and a Common Law and Civil Law degree from McGill University. He is born and brought up in Montreal.

The Canada Immigration Level Plan 2023- 2025

Canada needs immigrants, because of an aging population and lower birth rate. If the country wants to maintain its population and keep the economy growing, it should welcome immigrants. Since Canada is facing a labor shortage, many employers find it difficult to fill vacant positions.  Immigrants are helping to build Canada’s labor force, and by 2032 it will account for Canada’s population growth too.

The immigration level plan is set to welcome a total of 1.4 million immigrants to the country within 2025. In 2023, the government aims to welcome 465,000 new immigrants. The target will increase to 485,000 new immigrants in 2024. The target will rise to 500,000 new immigrants in 2025.

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