Canada ranks as the second-best country in the world. 7th best for studying abroad

According to the US News overall ranking of Best Countries, Canada ranks as the second-best country in the world and the 7th best country for studying abroad.

Last year, Canada was ranked 3rd and the jump to the second position shows improvement in every sector.

The ranking was based on a survey conducted among 17,000 people from 36 countries – including business leaders, middle-class or higher college-educated individuals, and “nationally representative” citizens of each country.

The following factors were analyzed by U.S. News before the ranking:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Quality of Life
  • Social Purpose
  • Cultural Influence
  • Open for Business
  • Adventure
  • Power
  • Heritage
  • Agility
  • Movers

The education standard in Canada is acknowledged worldwide and it is reflected in the US news ranking. Canada is ranked as the 7th best country for study abroad. International students flow to Canada because of the high standard of education accessible to them at an affordable cost. The country is also ranked top in Entrepreneurship and Quality of Life.

The US News analyzed different attributes and qualities and ranked the top 20 countries best for specific attributes. Canada was ranked in the top seven countries on nine different occasions for:

  • 2nd best country to start a career
  • 4th best country for education
  • 7th best country for studying abroad
  • 7th best country for raising kids
  • 2nd best country for racial equality
  • 6th best country for women
  • 6th best country for comfortable retirement
  • 6th most transparent country
  • 2nd best country to headquarter a corporation

The best opportunity for immigrants

Canada is actively welcoming immigrants through IRCC’s immigration programs like express entry, PNP, and so on. Canada’s ranking by U.S. News as the world’s second-best country in 2023 signals that this country remains a top immigrant destination on a global scale. Canada provides the best opportunity in the world to study, establish a career, then onwards to starting a family and experience a comfortable retirement in later years.

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