Agriculture and Agri-Food occupations in Category-based Express Entry Draw. Amazing opportunity for people in the agricultural sector

 Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations

The Canadian economy greatly benefits from agriculture and agri-food occupations, as it plays a significant role. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has the responsibility to provide support to primary agriculture, including farmers, as well as the food and beverage processing industry. The impact of this sector extends beyond these specific areas, as it influences various sectors throughout the entire food supply chain.

The IRCC has conducted a wide range of consultations about the inclusion of Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations in the category-based express entry draw. The Agriculture and Agri-food occupations were identified as a top priority by several stakeholders, including the public, and provincial and territorial representatives.

In 2022, the whole agriculture and agri-food system employed 2.3 million people and provided 1 in 9 jobs in Canada. The agriculture sector generated $143.8 billion of Canada’s gross domestic product.

Agriculture occupations

 There are 3 occupations in the agriculture and agri-food occupation category. These include:

  • Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, ground maintenance, and horticulture services. The NOC code is 82031.
  • Agriculture service contractors and farm supervisors. The NOC code is 82030.
  • Butchers – retail and wholesale. The NOC code is 63201.

Category-based Express Entry Draws

IRCC has unveiled new selection categories for Express Entry Candidates. In category-based rounds of invitations, candidates are invited based on their eligibility for a specific category established by the immigration minister to meet an identified economic goal. On May 21, IRCC conducted the first-ever Express Entry Category-based draw inviting healthcare workers.

The invitation to apply for Canada PR is based on standards including:

  • Communication skills in a specific official language
  • work experience in a specific occupation
  • education

Canada is facing a major labour shortage and the new program aims to support Canada’s economic goals and make the labour force strong. The new categories under the Express Entry Programs include:

Eligibility Requirements for Agriculture Occupations

The eligibility requirements for candidates aiming for the agriculture occupations category include:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria of one of the Express Entry programs (the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, or Federal Skilled Trades Program).
  • Have at least six months of continuous work experience in one of the listed occupations within the past three years.
  • Meet all of the other requirements mentioned in the instructions for the category-based draw.

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