Ausbildung Program in Germany

Ausbildung Program in Germany

What is Ausbildung?

Ausbildung is a German word that means vocational training or apprenticeship.

Ausbildung courses in Germany allow students from non-EU countries to work and train in German companies as apprentices while learning a trade or profession in a training institute.

Participants of Ausbildung are paid a monthly stipend by the company where they work and are trained. The allowance varies from 650 to 1400 EUR depending on the occupation you choose. In the case of the Ausbildung Nursing Program, you can earn up to 1000 EUR monthly.

How it works?

Once accepted as an Ausbildender by a German company, your Ausbildung training will be divided into two parts:

First, you will be contacted by a German employer/company where you’ll be in a work placement as an apprentice. For this, you have to clear interviews. According to your area of interests our team can schedule you interviews.

Secondly, you’ll be affiliated with a vocational training school, also known as Berufsschule in the German language, where you will attend training classes.

You need to attend both places, and you must divide your time for that based on your apprenticeship period.

What is the Duration of Ausbildung Program in Germany?

Usually, the Ausbildung program lasts three years, but if your grades are reasonable based on your performance in the company and vocational training school, you can reduce this period to 2.5 years.

Time duration usually depends on various factors, like which company you work for, which department you are assigned to, and from which vocational training school you are studying.

What is the Language Requirement for Ausbildung in Germany?

The language used in the vocational training school is German. Examinations are also conducted in German. Also, your work placement and practical training in the company will be in German.

Sometimes, there could be English-speaking people also participating in the training. But usually, the communication in the workplace is in the German language.

The most important prerequisite that most companies check for hiring apprentices from other countries is German language knowledge and communication skills at the required level.

So, you must have better German language skills to meet the language requirements for an Ausbildung program in your desired field of occupation. That is a B2 level!

If you are fluent enough in the language, even a B1 will be perfect sometimes; because the requirement is one must have good communication skills to follow the program.

What is the Education Requirement for Ausbildung in Germany?

If you are non-European, and from a country like India, you must have a 12th-grade (senior secondary) school examination pass certificate with a minimum of 68% marks. This is the minimum academic qualification required for an Ausbildung program in Germany. Those with higher level qualifications achieved after the 12th-grade school education, e.g., diploma or degree, can also apply.

What is the age limit to apply for an Ausbildung program in Germany?

The maximum age limit to apply for an Ausbildung program can be 28, as most companies prefer 28 as the maximum age limit. The minimum age limit is 18.

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Ausbildung in Germany occupation list

Ausbildung Germany presents a broad spectrum of opportunities with a diverse range of occupations.

Have a look at some of the popular Ausbildung occupations in Germany:


Nursing Ausbildung in Germany encompasses a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on practical training. Throughout this program, students acquire essential skills in delivering fundamental patient care, covering tasks such as monitoring vital signs, administering medication, and conducting basic physical examinations. The curriculum also includes training on assisting with diagnostic procedures and treatments, such as administering IVs and conducting wound dressings.

IT Specialist

The Ausbildung program in IT and computer science in Germany is an extensive vocational training course that generally spans three years. This program integrates theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience, providing students with crucial proficiencies in programming, hardware and software maintenance, network administration, and cybersecurity. Practical expertise is honed through internships with local companies, allowing students to apply their skills in real-world settings. Graduates of this program are well-prepared for various roles such as IT specialists, system administrators, or software developers, meeting the increasing demand for skilled tech professionals in the dynamic and constantly evolving digital landscape.


The Ausbildung programs in hospitality and tourism in Germany are tailored to provide individuals with the skills and expertise essential for success in these industries. Spanning 2 to 3 years each, these programs seamlessly blend theoretical education with hands-on training. The dynamic fields of hospitality and tourism present abundant opportunities for both personal and professional development. The German Ausbildung program in hospitality and tourism is crafted to furnish participants with the requisite skills, knowledge, and practical experience, positioning them for excellence in diverse roles within these sectors.

Laboratory Technician

Ausbildung in laboratory disciplines encompasses areas such as chemistry, biology, and painting. Within the elective qualification, participants delve into collaborative virtual team projects and simulations utilizing digital data. The training for a laboratory technician spans three years, featuring dual-format instruction. The theoretical aspects are imparted through block courses or one to two days per week, depending on the Ausbildung training location.

The curriculum includes learning how to manage chemicals, plants, animals, and technological apparatus. The duration of tasks in these laboratories varies from four to six months, contingent on the training company. This hands-on experience in a laboratory setting exposes participants to various working methods, providing a foundation for future success and distinction in the field.

Business Administrator

Individuals from diverse backgrounds choose to enroll in the Ausbildung program in Germany within the fields of business and management. Programs in business administration and management cover a range of areas, including business management, marketing, human resources, and international trade. These courses provide a comprehensive foundation in the principles and practices of effective business administration and management.


The engineering sector in Germany is renowned for its strength, attracting international students, including those from India, who frequently opt for Ausbildung program in Germany in fields such as mechanical, electrical, automotive, and mechatronic engineering. These programs offer hands-on instruction in the core principles and practical applications of engineering.


To become an industrial electrician, you must complete two years of Ausbildung training, choosing between the specializations of industrial engineering or devices and systems. Throughout your ausbildung program in Germany, you’ll acquire skills in processing, assembling, and connecting mechanical components and equipment in adherence to safety regulations. The training also involves testing operations and analyzing electrical systems. Opting for a focus on industrial engineering means taking on responsibilities such as conducting safety assessments for electrical systems. As an industrial electrician, your role extends to performing safety inspections, documenting production data, and collaborating with both upstream and downstream sectors. You will primarily work for businesses in the metal and electrical industries, the building of plants, or the automobile industry.

Dental Assistant

To work as a dental assistant, completion of a three-year dual Ausbildung training program is mandatory. This program is divided evenly between vocational school and hands-on experience at a doctor’s office. Classes are organized in block formats or scheduled on specific days of the week. Throughout the training, you acquire skills in patient relations, practice management, and assisting with dental procedures.

This Ausbildung program in Germany not only builds a solid technical foundation but also allows you to apply your knowledge in a real clinical setting or dentist’s office. You gain hands-on experience in tasks such as performing root canal procedures and participating in the therapeutic process. Additionally, you become adept at professionally disinfecting equipment and generating invoices for health insurance providers.

Sales and Retail

You can choose to complete the two-year Ausbildung training program for salesmanship either exclusively in a school setting or concurrently in both school and a practical business environment.

Professional training businesses provide additional advantages such as a dedicated contact person, along with in-depth training courses and seminars. Throughout the Ausbildung program in Germany, you’ll be responsible for operating the cash register system and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the range of products available. In the first year of your Ausbildung sales training, you’ll learn how to handle customer requests for exchanges or complaints. Additionally, you’ll maintain a thorough awareness of the product assortment and promptly replenish items that are out of stock.


The dual Ausbildung training program for mechatronics is a three-and-a-half-year commitment. Following the completion of this program, a final examination is conducted either at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Crafts.

During the vocational school phase of the Ausbildung, aspiring mechatronics technicians acquire theoretical knowledge, which they later apply in practical scenarios at the training company. This involves processing workpieces with the guidance of technical papers, especially when addressing issues with a system sensor.

In the course of the Ausbildung program in Germany, individuals learn to utilize error analyses to pinpoint potential flaws and initiate the necessary repair procedures. Furthermore, they gain proficiency in programming, operating, and possibly maintaining or upgrading the machine systems at the training company.

Agricultural Specialist

The Ausbildung training for farmers spans three years, encompassing various aspects such as raising farm animals, acquiring proficiency in the operation of tillage equipment, and gaining knowledge about harvesting processes. This comprehensive training is conducted jointly at your training firm and a vocational school.

Throughout your Ausbildung program in Germany, as a farmer, the vocational school component ensures you become well-versed in the diverse practices and guidelines associated with both “plant” and “animal” branches of farming. Additionally, you will develop a mastery of the fundamentals of marketing, equipping you with the skills needed to enhance your farm’s competitiveness in the market.

Childcare Worker

The Ausbildung course for childcare workers prepares students for professions in early childhood education and care, providing them with expertise in child development, pedagogy, and the management of classrooms.

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