Unquestionable latest Australia visa updates of May 2024

Australia Introduces new Innovative Visa Program to attract Skilled workers


  • Australia introduces a new visa to attract skilled workers.
  • The new innovative visa is replaced by the Global Talent Program.
  • There is a termination in visas like the Business innovation visa and investment visa.

Latest Australia visa updates of May 2024: New Innovative visa program:

In a recent announcement, the Australian government disclosed an innovative visa to attract notable talented workers. The new visa has presented a significant opportunity for Indians to work and explore in Australia. The new innovative visa has taken the place of a contentious investor migrant program that was considered to be economically ineffective.

Treasurer Jim Chalmer announced the modifications in Australia’s yearly budget, with the aim of the improvement in the nation’s migration system. These arrangements are projected to lower the total immigration number while attracting skilled individuals all around the globe.

What is the New Innovative visa program?

In the Australia visa update of 2024, it’s clear that the Global talent visa is scheduled to be replaced by the new National innovation visa. The government is aiming to attract highly skilled immigrants who possess exceptional talent and can contribute to the growth of sectors that can hold national importance.

Opportunities for Indians in Australia visa updates of May 2024?

In the New Australian visa update of May 2024, there is a vast opportunity for Indians. In India, there are a lot of young workers and skilled working professionals who are looking for a better opportunity. The new innovative visa can be a great benefit for those Indians who are looking to work overseas.

The arrival of Indian immigrants to developed nations has been greatly influenced by the technology sectors. This visa aims to make most of the skilled experienced Indians and skilled workers in the development of the industries. It provides an opportunity for Indian talent to discover new opportunities in Australia.

Why does Australia end business innovation and investor visas?

The Australian government has announced the end of the business innovation and investment visa program. This decision has made a major change in the Australian migration system, as it used to provide a way to obtain permanent residency through investment.

In January the government also removed its Golden visa program which allowed overseas investors to live in the country with PR. The government found out that these investor’s visas were making an impact on its economy by giving a poor economic outcome. For the growth of their economy, they ended the investor’s visas and put forward the new visa for Skilled workers. Which will help in overcoming the skilled labor shortage and thus give an upgrade to the country’s economy.

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