Canada plans update on the Student Visa Programme: Know everything about Trusted Institutions Framework for international students

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, is planning to implement a “Trusted Institutions Framework” for Canadian colleges and universities in 2024. The new plan is to implement a two-tier model for the issuance of study permits which strengthens the international student program of Canada.

Designated Learning Institutions meeting certain criteria will be listed as Trusted Institutions, which will enable them to speed up the study permit processing of international students.

Detailed view on Trusted Institutions Framework

Discussions regarding the trusted institutions framework are still going on. But the basic framework is clear.

Designated Learning Institutions will be enlisted in the trusted institutions, based on their reliability concerning factors including sustainable intake, identifying genuine students, monitoring and reporting on their compliance, and providing a safe and enriching experience for their international students.

To be enlisted in the Trusted Institutions Framework, DLIs are required to submit certain data to the IRCC, which includes:

  • Retention rate of international students
  • On-time program completion rate
  • Percentage of revenue from international tuition
  • Scholarships awarded to international students from less developed countries
  • Funding for international student support
  • Availability of DLI-administered housing for international students
  • Teacher-student ratio

The Canadian government will also collect data regarding study permit approval rates, country of origin, and post-graduation student outcomes, such as transitioning to another visa like the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). The initial list of Trusted Institutions is expected to be released in spring 2024.

 “Canada is on track to welcome 900,000 international students this year,” Immigration Minister Marc Miller stated in a recent interview.

Canada is one of the world’s top educational destinations for international students because of factors including high quality of education, relative affordability, ability to work while studying, and the opportunity for immigration to Canada post-graduation.

In 2022, IRCC welcomed a record 551,405 international students from over 180 countries. India holds the first position among the top source countries of new international students coming to Canada.

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