PNP Draw of December final week : British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island invite more than 1500 candidates

PNP Draw of December final week

In the PNP Draw of December final week, four provinces of Canada invited more than 1500 candidates. British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island issued invitations through various streams of their respective PNP programs. Read the full article and find information about the nomination streams, invitation numbers, candidate cut-off scores, and other relevant details regarding the latest PNP draw of December.

PNP Draw of December final week results December 19-29

British Columbia

On December 19, British Columbia extended invitations to apply for provincial nomination to 230 individuals categorized as Skilled Workers and International Graduates through the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP).

These invitations were distributed across four separate draws, each tailored to address specific occupational needs. The largest draw focused on technology-related occupations, wherein 107 candidates with a minimum score of 95 were invited. Another draw targeted construction occupations, inviting 32 candidates with a minimum score of 75.

The remaining two draws aimed at healthcare occupations and early childcare educators and assistants, with 29 candidates in the former and 62 in the latter. Both draws required a minimum score of 60 for eligibility.


On December 21, Manitoba conducted the initial draw of its three-part Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) series for Skilled Workers Overseas. The province extended invitations to 1,113 candidates, each possessing a minimum score of 601.

The subsequent draw occurred on December 28 and comprised three separate categories. The first category invited 160 Skilled Workers in Manitoba with close relatives residing in the province, who must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have lived in Manitoba for at least one year. Candidates in this draw were required to have a minimum score of 612.

In the same draw, the province also invited 67 International Education candidates and 27 Skilled Workers Overseas with a minimum score of 698. The Skilled Workers Overseas candidates were part of a targeted recruitment initiative.

Finally, on December 29, Manitoba issued 89 invitations to candidates who met the criteria under the Special Measures for Ukraine. These individuals also fulfilled the requirements for Skilled Workers Overseas and had close relatives in Manitoba.


Saskatchewan conducted its first Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) draw since October 23 on December 27, inviting 63 candidates.

The draw encompassed two categories, with 48 candidates selected from the Occupations-in-Demand stream and 15 from the Express Entry stream. To qualify in both draws, candidates were required to have a minimum score of 69 along with Educational Credential Assessments.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island extended invitations to 26 candidates from the Labour and Express Entry streams of the PEI Provincial Nominee Program. Eligible candidates were required to be employed in the healthcare, construction, or food processing sectors.

Additionally, three candidates with a minimum score of 92 were invited from the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur category.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program or PNP is a potential pathway to receive a Canadian permanent residency. Each PNP has one stream that is aligned with the Express Entry System, known as ‘Enhanced Nominations’. The advantage of enhanced PNP is that they award an extra CRS score of 600 points, guaranteeing PR to the applicant through express entry. Also, another stream under the PNP is known as ‘the base stream’. Here, you can apply to a PNP stream directly and once you obtain a provincial nomination, the federal government will process your permanent residence application.

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