Record-Breaking Invitations by IRCC: Express Entry and PNP Recap April 2024


  • IRCC issued several draws in the latest Express Entry and PNP Recap April 2024.
  • A total of 9,638 ITAs were issued.
  • The highest CRS score is 549.

Express Entry and PNP Recap April 2024:

This blog is mainly focused on the latest Express Entry and PNP Recap April 2024 issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In April, The IRCC focused on the General Category rather than other categories in The Express Entry Draw. The PNP Draw also provides an opportunity for skilled individuals who are dreaming of Canadian PR.

Express Entry Draw Recap April 2024:

A total of four express entry draws were issued by the IRCC The first draw took place on April 10, 2024, marked the beginning of the month with a considerable general draw, where 1,280 were invited to apply. This draw focuses on the general department that required a CRS score of 549. The IRCC had shifted the attention to the STEM category in the second express entry called after the next day on 11 April 2024 where an impressive 4500 candidates were called in the draw with a minimum CRS score of 491. This STEM draw has proven Canada’s significant need for professionals for the smooth flow of the system.

As the month progressed the IRCC issued two more draws. A general draw was held on 23 April 2024 calling about 2095 candidates with a CRS score of 529. The express entry draws on April 24 that mainly targeted French professionals invited 1400 ITAs with a CRS score of 410. This Express Entry draw is dedicated to maintaining the study flow of the country’s economy.

PNP Draw April 2024:

In April 2024 British Columbia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, and Manitoba issued their invitations. Where the British Columbia issued a total of 425 invitations. Where the focus was mainly on the skilled workers. Alberta issued about 48 invitations.

The Prince Edward Island (PEI) issued a total of 148 invitations in the sectors Invitations were issued to individuals working in the Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Early Childhood Education sectors like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Early Childhood Education, Traditional sectors like mining and hunting. Manitoba issued about 363 invitations where 276 invitations were to the sectors like health, Trade, and general construction and 87 through the skilled worker overseas stream.

In the latest Express Entry and PNP Recap April 2024 we can assume that draw focus on attracting skilled professionals to meet specific labour market needs. The IRCC’s Express Entry draws targeted general and specialized categories, reflecting demand in STEM and French-speaking sectors. Provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, PEI, and Manitoba actively invited candidates in critical industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and construction. These updates highlight Canada’s proactive approach to immigration, aligning policies with economic priorities to support skilled individuals in achieving Canadian permanent residency.

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